Our Story

How It Started

We wanted to build a brand that focuses on unique, everyday jewelry pieces available to everyone of all tastes and sizes. We believe that everybody deserves to find jewelry reflective of their personality, and not just settle for ordinary, basic styles.

Passionately driven, we set on creating unique designs with exclusive colors and cuts that ultimately allow you to express your individuality!

Our Motto

There are 8 billion of you in the world, each with your own style, mood, personality and preferences. Your style may be influenced by what’s popular, but your identity is what’s unique to you.

We believe that trends without identity are merely uniforms.

Gemandi jewelry is designed for you to express your own identity, with one of a kind styles and colors that reflect your unique individuality.

From the music you love to the aesthetics you vibe with, your style is made up of multiple factors, all of which create your distinct character.

So why should your jewelry pieces always be a compliment to your outfit when it reflects your own independent style just as much as your clothes do!

With over 200+ intricate designs, Gemandi aims to create jewelry pieces that are as individually unique as all 8 billion of you :)

Our Crystals

Gemandi 5A Grade Crystals are high quality lab created crystals cut by our elite jewelers using a proprietary cutting technique that refracts light with the most radiance. Depending on the crystal style, we use only the highest grade of cubic zirconia or glass to achieve our unique crystals' colors and effects!

Our Metals

Plating in gold (when done professionally) can be just as beautiful as solid gold, while allowing us to offer jewelry at affordable prices! We use semi-precious metals (brass or silver) to craft our rings. The true beauty of our rings come from our proprietary plating technique, where we 3x dip the base in 14k gold.

We crafted a process using 3 different types of plating, which is why we call it 3x dipped. Each round is a different process that serves a specific purpose, with the final round as an advanced coating technique for extra protection. Every Gemandi piece is heavy gold plated with at least 2.5 microns of high quality 14k gold, making it well over 5x the industry average!

Sustainability Matters

Our Gemandi Gold Sealed process creates zero chemical waste! Additionally, designing with crystals allow us to limit the consumption of natural resources and do our part in reducing unethical mining. We are constantly striving to minimize our environmental impact by taking steps towards creating a cleaner, healthier planet!

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